Staffing Services

As an organization you seek the best, most skilled and reliable human resources for your projects.

Our Consultants with High level Core – competencies offer area specific expertise, and are looking for a creatively challenging environment that allows them to contribute directly and effectively to your business growth.

Enter eNoah to bridge the two needs.

eNoah’s staffing services allow smart companies to ramp up project resources through the services of our consultants at short notice .This saves you from having to bear the full burden of having in house staff included in payroll sobusiness profits are maximized ,and your valuable resources are simultaneously conserved.

We operate on two models to serve our clients:

  • Full time engagement model
  • Time and Material based model

Our resources work directly with you within the project management framework during the contract period while you control the environment, assign them tasks and we diligently monitor productivity.
Staffing Services

Key Features of our staffing services

  • We offer professional, talented, and expert resources in multiple technical areas to ensure your business and project success
  • We are committed to a collaborative partnering approach with our clients’ vs working as a mere service provider. This means our consultants are actively working with you every step of the way to truly optimize project resources in line with your vision, and budget, not just providing a service with clinical detachment.
  • We allot dedicated resources to work exclusively on your project without you having to undergo the painful complexities and burdens of time and resources that make up the recruitment process. This helps save additional costs of having employees on your full time payroll
  • Flexible services include onsite, offshore and hybrid models with a mix of resources working both onsite and offshore for long term and business critical application development projects.
  • All your hardware, software & infrastructure requirements will be met by eNoah
  • We generate accurate, transparent, periodic reporting so you receive clear visibility on the status of deliverables and efforts undertaken.
  • The team at eNoah is accessible 24/7 for your round the clock communication with our comfortably predictable super-fast turnaround response times through email, Skype& phone
  • Our proven staffing services are designed for IT start ups and enterprises, and consultants who look for expert resources to work on their projects on short term notice
  • Time Zone challenges are non-existent with our perennial accessibility and flexible timings to support your business to overcome any challenges, in real time or otherwise.
  • Intellectual property rights remain securely with you on the project work developed using our resources
  • Project management layer for project governance and risk mitigation

Technical Competencies

  • .Net Developers
  • Database Administrators – MS SQL, MySQL, Progress DB
  • MSBI Experts
  • MFG Pro consultants (Technical & Functional)
  • PHP developers
  • Joomla programmers
  • Drupal programmers
  • WordPress programmers
  • Opencart programmers
  • SugarCRM programmers
  • Linux administrators
  • Iphone application developers
  • Android application developers
  • Ipad application developers
  • Web designers
  • HTML5, CSS3 &Jquery developers

Why choose eNoah?

  • We provide the right mix of resources – highly qualified and with domain expertise
  • Strong project management expertise to provide additional layer of project governance to mitigate risks and take timely decisions for the success of the engagement
  • Stringent quality checks and mature processes in place
  • Leverage on prior experience
  • Keen customer centric approach
  • Deliver quality solutions while meeting your delivery timelines on target and budget

We strive to provide our Customers with Top Notch Support

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