eStone is an end to end Procurement based process medium which was exclusively created by eNoah’s Tech Lab to fit the needs of Granite and Marble industries .It can be expertly customized to accommodate your unique requirements. . The Selection and implementation of ERP has two key drivers- Managing Business Processes and providing Enhanced Reporting.

eStone provides the functionality that is needed for all Small and Medium Business organizations.

eStone is designed to replace the existing practice of using excel sheets to store and analyze data and can seamlessly be migrated to from any legacy system that is currently being used by your company.

eStone provides easy data retrieval and data storage mechanisms that are built to sustain growing business demands.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing Finance and Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales and Service, etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application.The purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. ERP systems can run on a variety of hardware and network configurations, typically employing a database to store and process information.

With eStone’s fully loaded wide ranging capabilities, a well-integrated IT roadmap is designed that can support all your business demands – real-time information, streamlining, integrating and connecting every area from merchandising to customers and stores .


Companies are constantly scouring the marketplace for a robust estimation and planning assessment tool to drive their Project Management LifeCycle. If you are one of these companies who seeks such a complete project management solution, then you have come to the right place. eNoah’s custom built eProjects is designed to handle your most demanding project assessment challenges with forethought and skill.


eNoah’s eCart Solution helps you skillfully steer your way to profitability and navigate your online business roadblocks smoothly.

Some of the common challenges online companies face in the area of online store transactions are:

  • Your business does not have a full fledged comprehensive online store.
  • Your existing traditional shopping cart solution is outdated and does not cater to current trends,reflect technology updates and address the growing needs of your business.
  • Your shopping cart solution does not gather the required business intelligence for you, forestalling you from making informed, effective business decisions.
  • Difficulty in seamlessly setting up ,displaying products and changing the online store design.
  • Difficulty running effective interactive marketing campaigns that increase visibility and revenue.
  • Time consuming process to get familiar with the portal navigation/administration which poses a challenge in training.
  • Does not support multiple payment gateways and delivery options.
  • Slow performance and difficult usability.

Selenium eTest

eNoah’s Selenium eTest automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts and tools that provide support for automated software testing. The main advantage of such a framework is the low cost of maintenance. The testing framework provides faster ROI through reusable functionality that can be implemented across an array of testing tools.

The increasing complexity of today’s product development makes verification a time consuming activity, involving tremendous manual effort . Given reduced time-to-market scenario, this puts extra pressure on the verification process. eNoah brings you a unique cost and time effective experience through Selenium eTest Framework, an integrated testing approach and expertise in testing methodologies and automation.

eTest’s testing methodologies defines consistent processes and a governance mechanism across all testing Business units. eTest blends both BPO and IT experience in the form of functional testing to bring rigor to the whole quality assurance process to all our customers.

eTest guidelines can be tailor-made to specific requirements in any domain, technology or specific type of testing.

eTest is scalable to quick test pro that can be implemented on a non-web based solution.


eNoah’s eConnect helps you manage files, applications, information and business processes more easily, and through personalized views. It acts as a one stop shop for all employee transactions within the organization. eConnect brings in awareness about the Quality, policies and procedure of your organization and is a major source of knowledge sharing. eConnect also significantly reduces your high paper printing, distribution and costs – particularly on policy manuals, company newsletters, product catalogs, technical drawings, training material, and telephone directories. eConnect expands communication functions beyond enriching your company and extends our solution to your valued customers and partners.

eConnect covers the entire trajectory of an employee’s life cycle at an organization right from Applicant stage to Alumni. eConnect has a solid architecture and its well defined .NET framework and SOA provide virtually unlimited development and integration opportunities for SME’s. You will have unlimited flexibility to scale and customize at a very reasonable cost. eConnect works along with your existing IT infrastructure and allows you to consolidate scattered data from different sources . You enjoy a seamless integration with Active Directory/LDAP and compatibility with virtual environments.


eNoah’s eCCMS is a predictive Automated Soft Dialing Tool designed to simplify your call handling and servicing functions. eCCMS delivers Increased business flexibility and guarantees Improved Agent Productivity .It is specifically constructed to deliver better business visibility. eCCMS emphasizes customer focus and value added services including Parking and Forwarding. eCCMS is your No.1 choice as a robust and scalable solution for your company’s sustained growth and process improvement.

With eCCMS automated calling you can efficiently reach your company’s contacts to share important information.


Break through Boundaries in your CRM approach with eSmart from eNoah! eSmart is eNoah’s Industry trailblazing Cloud and software solution for all your Customer Relationship Management needs no matter how simple or complex.Connect to your customers and your data anywhere,anytime with eSmart- intelligently designed to be highly user friendly and supremely scalable. Read through the features and see for yourself how it can radically transform your CRM paradigm .Pure genius!

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