Web Portal Solution for Security Compliance & e-Governance


The Client was a Company that offers a broad portfolio of Security Compliance and Government Governance in Australia

The challenges faced by the client included
  • Using a Secure System Token authentication system;( this requires adding organization, users and distributing hardware tokens, SMS & software) All the entries were being manually done
  • Slippage in End client’s SLA was leading to customer dissatisfaction
  • No Robust reporting was available to track the tokens
  • Maintenance of users was a challenge
  • Legacy system was not supporting integration with the existing financial application
The actions we took to address these challenges were
  • Provided a Web Portal solution, which helped the client overcome manual operation restrictions
  • Integrated the BootStrap framework & MVC model
  • Integrated LDAP system accounts with web portal
  • Integrated with financial application
  • Developed a workflow Management solution.
Our solutions resulted in
  • Single repository of information and improved response time resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer experience through Self service
  • Key functionality of assigning & revoking token to users was now managed automatically instead of manually
  • Integrating with financial application improved the productivity of resources and accuracy of information