eStone Casestudy


eStone is an end to end Procurement solution designed for the Granite and Marble industries that can be customized. The selection and implementation of ERP has two key drivers- Managing Business Process and Enhanced Reporting. eStone provides the functionality that is needed for most Small and Medium Business organizations.

The challenges faced by us were
  • Manual tracking of sales, purchases, invoices and stocks
  • Manual Reports generated
  • Operations for Multiple branches stocks were maintained individually
  • Manual tracking resulted in less accuracy and more delay in processing
  • Integrating with financial application (Tally)
  • Creating a good financial report which involves complex logic & calculations
  • Integrating multiple branches into a centralized portal
The actions we took to address these challenges were
  • Processing the existing templates and translating them on the database tables
  • Built the entire ERP system to incorporate all the major modules: Sales, Production, Quality, Inventory, Costing and more under one roof
  • Created a customized component to generate the output format: this would be in an input format to the Tally (Financial software) to consume, enabling us to feed financial data from our system to tally efficiently.
Our solutions:
  • Eliminated manual entry, minimized errors, and increased accuracy,allowing the company to be productive and efficient
  • Provided reports for all the modules, allowing management to see stocks and sales data anytime
  • End to end production process taken care of as "tasks", allowing staff to view or update status, enabling the production leads to track the production process in-time.