Business Intelligence solution for Insurance


The Insurance Company in the Study is in business for more than 100 years with its Headquarters located in the United States. The company offers a broad portfolio of Life and Specialty Insurance and Investment products.

The challenges we were facing included:
  • Importing financial data from disparate sources and different formats like excel 2002, excel 2007, CSV (comma separated values) and flat file
  • Importing daily transaction data from third party applications like PAM & Bloomberg which are copied to the local database.
  • Generating monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports that are generated from Cube’s(local database)
  • Follow up with each individual department head to collect data making sure all the required data is copied to folders
  • Parsing data from disparate sources to a centralized database
  • Querying historical data for generating reports was time consuming

The actions we took to address these challenges were

  • We provided a reporting framework solution, to parse the data from disparate data sources to a centralized data warehouse.
  • Rationalized queries using DBA analysis tools to improve performance.
  • Created cubes to generate a multi-dimensional dashboard.
  • Response time for pulling the data from historical database significantly improved
  • Centralized database has been updated with multiple data sources, thus allowing generating of reports with live data
  • MDX queries helped to generate reports in different formats such as weekly, monthly ,quarterly, half yearly and yearly.
  • Improved customer experience